About Us

Who We Are:

Biscuit & The Boots is an online dog boutique that specializes in handcrafted pet apparel and accessories for tiny to medium dogs. We believe smaller dogs have been underserved by the Pet Industry for so long - we're here to fix that!

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Our Why:

Honestly, I needed a bit of rescuing. Don’t get me wrong, not in a Cinderella kind of way but my heart had been shattered into a million pieces when we lost our 13 year old Chihuahua, Lucie to heart failure. I cried for months until I decided to focus on something to look forward to. We started talking about a future puppy when the time was right. We really missed the thump of tiny paws on the carpet and it was fun to talk about potential names, the funnier the better. Biscuit and Jelly quickly rose to the top of our list. I started scouring California rescue sites and even neighboring states but I just couldn't find our Biscuit. I expanded my search, finally there she was, sitting in a coffee cup on Craig’s List. We drove 8 hours to meet her. She was so sweet and tiny - we fell in love instantly.

Her first day home I uploaded a short video to Facebook. Our friends couldn’t stop watching it and encouraged us to start her own IG account. It was so easy – she does so many funny things and has such a big personality. As time went on, I wanted to give her little outfits to wear. It was hard to find something cute and it seemed like everything I bought was too big or ill fitting. I asked my mom to make her a few things. First a sweater, then a Halloween harness. Both were really cute, easy to put on and comfortable for Biscuit. We had a blast dreaming up new things to make.

Eight months after finding Biscuit, we found Boots (aka Bootsie) with a wonderful breeder in Texas. We had mom pick her up the week before we were to arrive in Texas from California for Christmas. She was sooo tiny – the harness I sent in a care package was too big. Mom made a flannel XXS harness and she took to it right away. After arriving, I said to Mom, there must be so many other pet parents who have the same trouble and in that moment Biscuit & the Boots was born.

We do this for the love of our little dogs (past and present) and for yours.